CAI Home of industry driven professional development and hundreds of short courses in IT, Children Services, Hospitality, Health Care and Housekeeping. We are proud to offer state of the art online learning mangement system, highly qualified & well experienced faculty, dedicated email support, dedicated YouTube learning support channel, specially designed support pages on our website, on demand skype classes and much more.


Our 100% online courses are well designed, presented in slide-by-slide mode, followed by various activities and assessments to test your understanding and knowledge.

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At CAE we develop innovative strategies for brands and organisations. We believe the increasing complexity of today’s business world presents challenges, but also opportunities. Combining a broad view of global trends with rigorous analytics, we help clients to clearly articulate the problems, understand the landscape, define the drivers and barriers to growth and effectively align organisational resources to take action. Our consultants are concept integrators, bringing expertise from management consulting, marketing, technology and operations to deliver recommendations that are highly strategic and deeply practical, which leads to real impact for our clients.


We have expertise in:

. Brand Research & Strategy

. Organisational Design & Process Alignment

. Corporate Strategy

. Business Plans, Executive Summaries, Pitch Decks  .....

A website designed and dedicated to assist Australian Vocational Students, specially the international students.


The site resources are around business, management, project management, human resources management, WHS and TAE. It provides various templates, samples, PowerPoint handouts, eNotes and useful links which may facilitate in students' learning.

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