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Business Management

- Strategic Planning

- Financial Planning

- Management Framework

- HR Management

Revenue Growth

- Online Presence

- Sales & Marketing

- Expansion

- Waste Management

Operational Optimisation

- Policy Implementation

- Innovation

- Financial Management

Assisting your business to Thrive

We help our clients with knowledge, information, management, implementation and entrepreneurial advice to tackle a growth initiative.  We can act as consultants or project managers to generate new business or represent our clients' interests in a new market.  We can assist our clients' on either a project-by-project basis or over an extended period of time.  This could include simple expansion of current resources or helping to set up new structures. 


Having a sound business strategy to guide your decisions and actions is critical to your long-term growth. We can help you define the right goals for your company and for your company and develop the strategies to achieve them, while ensuring that you have the right capabilities and resources in place to make it all happen. Right planning will help you:

  • Strengthen the culture of strategic thinking in your company
  • Update your current strategic plan or develop a new one
  • Align your management team behind a single vision
  • Allocate the resources you need to achieve goals
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As your business expands, it becomes more complex. Quality, customer service and business performance suffer as you struggle to manage everything and everyone all the time. 

Our developed management framework will help you:

  • Empower and engage your workforce
  • Clarify priorities and align efforts
  • Accelerate and Improve decision making
  • Improve agility and response time to external changes
  • Reduce Inefficiencies and risk
  • Drive growth and maximise value overall
Financial management

As your company grows, so does the flow of money through your business. Managing it effectively requires better reporting, processes and controls. Our financial management solution helps you:

- Strengthen specific financial areas of your company

- Establish tools and processes to sustain business growth

- Better understand your company's financial state

- Use accurate data to make sound business decisions

- Set measurable goals to proactively manage your business finances

HR management

Attracting qualified talent is a challenge for many growing businesses, but of equal importance is those resources integrate within the company and perform once they are hired. Our HR management will help you:

- Increase your knowledge of HR management

- Build a solid organisational structure

- Attract and onboard qualified talent

- Develop a performance management system

- Learn how to take disciplinary measures

- Ensure your policies and procedures comply with regulations

business Innovation

We can design, test and scale a transformative business model that will enhance your competitiveness. Our business model innovation will help you: 

- Re-evaluate each element of your current business model and value proposition

- Identify your most most pressing internal and external challenges

- Inexpensively test the potential of alternative business models

- Design and scale a validated business model

- Compile evidence to attract potential strategic partners

- Acquire & transfer innovation skills

leadership and management

Every business eventually comes to a bend in the road where the path ahead is unclear. We can help look around the bend and apply new leadership and management methods to a specific business challenge or opportunity, creating change in your business that can help you shape its future.

Our leadership & management model will help you:

  • Understand and refine your leadership capabilities
  • Work through a business challenge challenge or opportunity
  • Support staff transition and engage them in the process
  • Gain clarity on your business situation
  • Learn leadership methods to drive your business
Operational Efficiency

Applying the principles of operational efficiency allows you to detect and solve issues quickly in order to stay profitable and keep costs down. Our award wining model will help you:

- Identify sources of waste and keep your costs down

- Apply quick wins that can impact your bottom line

- Spot and fix problems faster with a performance dashboard

- Develop good habits to reap the long-term benefits of efficiency


To keep pace with the changing trends it is vital to have online presence.  Our online business strategy can help you to: 

- Quickly adapt your business to current online consumer habits

- Set up your online store using effective best practices

- Identify an initial product line-up that is most likely to generate a return

- Explore marketing strategies to drive online traffic and sales

- Use inventory management and forecasting to manage growth successfully

- Learn how to run a profitable e-commerce business

Operational Optimisation

To implement a continuous improvement approach, assessment and optimisation is essential. We can assist you to: 

- Identify value-added activities and causes of waste

- Determine rapid improvements

- Assess potential gains from improved operational efficiency

- Benchmark your business against the competition

- Set the stage for a continuous improvement approach 

- Implement successful audit system

- Continuous evaluation of potential gains

Project Management

We can provide project management services for your education, construction, civil infrastructure, manufacturing or real estate project from project initiation to close-out and any stage-in-between. We combine our knowledge of project management with our expertise in each market sector to ensure your project is completed successfully. 

Our services include but are not limited to: 

  • Project leadership and coordination
  • Project execution planning and strategy
  • Project set-up and organisation
  • Project processes, procedures, forms and instructions
  • Scope development and planning
  • Quality Management (QA / QC)
  • Resource Planning
  • Project Communications
  • Project Close-Out